What does it mean to be Boujee?


I get it who wants to be called bougie right? Back in the day bougie was a term the head of negative connotation of someone who pretty much thought they were better even if they came from humble beginnings if you know what I mean. Before you judge the name and the move it behind it just hear me out. Check out our Boujee essentials while you’re at it.

Even if you’re not the bougie type we all have that one bougie friend relative or coworker let’s just admit we exist so make room for us and understand that we just like to pop our shit.

Let’s look at some of the dictionary definition of the word bougie and where it comes from.

Definition of bougie or bou·jee [ boo-zhee, ‐jee ]

informal + usually disparaging :a middle-class person : BOURGEOIS adjective SlangSometimes Disparaging. relating to or characteristic of a person who indulges in some of the luxuries and comforts of a fancy lifestyle.

Background and Cultural Adaptation 

Most recently popularized by songs such as Bad and Boujee by the Migos featuring Lil Yachty and Bougie by Lil Durk. There are so many songs that we first can refer to that popularize having a high maintenance or fancy lifestyle. 

Living lavish is now part of the culture and something that’s been normalized and should’ve been normalized a long time ago. From a social standpoint it’s very empowering to This type of lifestyle promote it but let’s be real not everybody likes snobbish people.
Taste of Boujee we embrace the term bougie in a more positive aspect because we all understand that in some way or another we all have high standards for certain things in our life whether that be fashion, lifestyle, or social status we all have a certain standard.
Bougie just happens to be our standard. So next time you see someone “over dressed” for a occasion or showing up fashionably late; tip your hat to them because this person has embraced who they are and no matter what, they have decided they are going to make the room shine. It’s giving boss b*tch.
And if you’re ever indeed feeling bougie or are you are that Boujee friend check out our specialized category for the most Boujee-ist attire.